Registered Nurse Job Description Information

Registered Nurses (RN's) are nurses who have been educated and trained in this area of healthcare. They work in many settings such as hospitals, private offices, nursing homes, home health care and other places that require nurses. Registered nurses have many duties that they must perform.


Supervise Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's)

  • RN's often are in the position to provide additional assistance and direction to Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN's). They can assist them by answering questions and by demonstrating proper procedures.

Administer Medications

  • RN's are allowed to administer medication to their patients with the doctor's consent. Some medications cannot be given without a doctor's supervision. Specific directions must be followed accurately and in a timely manner.

Monitor Patient Progress

  • Nurses monitor their assigned patient's progress and document any changes. All changes must be recorded before their shifts end. They must be able to inform other nurses and doctors (on duty) of the patients' condition and progress.

Provide Emotional Support to Families

  • Nurses often give great support to the families of their patients. They are able to educate and demonstrate to families the proper procedures and precautions of caring for their loved ones after patients are discharged.

Perform Routine Care to Patients

  • RN's must exercise precaution at all times when caring for their patients. RN's usually establish a plan of care, or they may continue an existing one. They must follow this plan, with permission of a doctor, as closely as possible to give the best treatment to their patients.

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